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30-Day Firmwide Trial

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What to expect

Day 1:Install and activate for administrators
Deploy to all Revit machines in Monitor mode Week 2
Week 3Clean up library, create mapping rules
Test additional settings on individual project Week 4
Week 1-4Review dashboard findings from actual data
Guardian will provide untapped value and ROI from the following areas:

Insurance policy for your projects

Costly errors often occur late in the design cycle and tend to be caused by inadvertent actions. With Guardian, you can avoid these mistakes before they materialize by locking critical elements in the model and influencing Revit users toward best practices.

One firm, before their Guardian purchase, lost $14,000 USD in billable time due to staff accidentally moving critical levels. This single error could have been prevented by Guardian. These kinds of errors occur more often than most firms care to admit.
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More efficient, standardized output

As users labor to meet deadlines, the model quality and standard often suffers. This traditionally results in expensive cleanup efforts on a regular basis, or the model quality continues to severely degrade.

Guardian can make cleanup efforts more efficient. However, it is best at preventing the mistakes altogether. There are many features that will automatically keep the model more clean and more consistent - often with very little setup required.

Models will run faster, users will be less confused, and output will be standardized.
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Better users through focused guidance

Users represent a firms single, largest expense. When new users come to a firm, they often bring their poor habits and a lack of technical skill, experience, and exposure to company culture.

Too often, these users are left in the dark. They depend on personalized instruction that is often neglected due to resource constrained BIM managers.

With Guardian, managers multiply their existing efforts by putting themselves in front of the users at precisely the time they need it. This also improves knowledge retention.
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Win more projects with superior compliance

Owners increasingly require adherence to their standards and best practices. The skill of the BIM team is a strong factor in awarding projects.

With Guardian, you will stand out because of the more proactive, tangible approach to meeting compliance. Your team will be less burdened by manual cleanup efforts.

Some firms now describe their use of Guardian in marketing material and job acquisition documents and report an increase in revenue.
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What does it take to deploy and run the trial?

Have you ever heard of an IT team being "over-the-moon" with how easy a deployment was? We have! Guardian quickly installs to all users using any method of deployment currently available. Beyond the deployment, there is no additional server setup required.

All settings will default to a monitoring state so your team will immediately begin learning what Guardian can address without any additional effort. During the trial, we can help you define the ROI opportunity, clean your library and start planning the user messages.

Is the trial limited at all?

The trial is not limited. For 30 days, you may install Guardian on unlimited machines, register unlimited projects, clean up your entire library, create unlimited mapping rules, etc.

What can I expect during the trial?

After you begin the trial, you will begin receiving automated weekly emails reporting on the activity of the previous week. Our team will be available for additional, free training. This includes help bringing your library up to your standard, planning user messages, setting up the workset manager, etc. We will also review your dashboard together and help define an ROI.

By the end of the trial, you can easily roll right into your subscription with minimal effort.

What happens to my account after the trial?

Your account will continue with service if you purchase the subscription. Otherwise, the account will become inactive on those machines where it was installed and Guardian will not have any effect for those users. The account can be reactivated at any time if a purchase is made within 90 days of the trial expiring, though there will be a lapse in the data captured.

I need to convince my firm. Can you help with that?

Yes, we talk with firms every day about the value of a proactive approach to BIM management. We have learned several key ways that an ROI can be developed and a successful trial will make this very easy. We have templates, real-data examples and an industry reputation that says it all! Let us know when you are ready to discuss.
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Reach out to learn more, ask any questions or meet the team! We'd love to learn more about your challenges and explore the more proactive solution.
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