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Base Package


Includes the minimum for any firm to get started; including 2 administrators and 25 users. You’ll also receive our concierge onboarding experience that includes a dedicated specialist.

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Each Additional User


Users do not need to login or activate their install. Instead, they are recognized by their Revit IDs when they benefit from any of the Guardian settings. This could include seeing a guidance message or loading something that gets converted to the firm standard.

There is no need to manage a list of users and all activity will be visible inside the Guardian Backstage™ dashboard.

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Each Additional Admin

As low as:  $625

Administrators will activate their install using their email address and password. There are two types of administrators: Project Administrators and Company Administrators. There is one pool of shared admin licenses that can be assigned at any time.

Administrator abilities include customizing settings, protecting project elements, cleaning files, uploading standard properties in Guardian Sync™ and receiving notifications.

Volume discounts apply. All prices are shown in USD.
Guardian will provide untapped value and ROI from the following areas:

Insurance policy for your projects

Costly errors tend to be caused by inadvertent actions. With Guardian, you avoid these mistakes before they materialize by locking critical elements in the model and influencing Revit users toward best practices.

One firm, before their Guardian purchase, lost $14,000 USD in billable time due to staff accidentally moving critical levels. This single error could have been prevented by Guardian. These kinds of errors occur more often than most firms care to admit.
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More efficient, standardized output

As users struggle to meet deadlines, model quality and standards often suffers. This results in expensive cleanup efforts, or the model quality continues to degrade.

Guardian prevents mistakes and makes cleanup efforts more efficient. The model will be more clean and consistent - often with very little setup required.

Models will run faster, users will be less confused, and output will be standardized.
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Better users through focused guidance

Users represent a firms single, largest expense. New hires often bring poor habits and a lack of technical skill, experience, and exposure to company culture.

Too often, these users are left in the dark. They depend on personalized instruction that is often neglected due to resource constrained BIM managers.

With Guardian, managers multiply their existing efforts by putting themselves in front of the users at precisely the time they need it. This also improves knowledge retention.
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Win more projects with superior compliance

Owners increasingly require adherence to their standards and best practices. The skill of the BIM team is a strong factor in awarding projects.

With Guardian, you will stand out because of the more proactive, tangible approach to meeting compliance. Your team will be less burdened by manual cleanup efforts.

Some firms now describe their use of Guardian in marketing material and job acquisition documents and report an increase in revenue.
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What does the subscription include?

All subscriptions with the Base Package include our concierge onboarding and support experience. Our team will be with you every step of the way. We have worked with hundreds of Guardian administrators on tailoring the Guardian experience for optimal success and will do the same with you. You will also receive any new updates, quality support and access to our community of other Guardian administrators.

While subscriptions are for a set number of users, the rest of the system is always unlimited, i.e. unlimited projects, mapping rules, project configurations, etc.

If I have users that don't access Revit often, am I charged for those?

Not really. We keep track of the unique Revit users that benefit from a Guardian protection or automation, but only on a monthly basis. This list of users resets each month, so very infrequent users will likely only count against your subscription for one or two months during your subscription period.

Because your licensing is only based on the number of users benefiting, you may install Guardian on as many machines (non-Revit users) as you want without affecting your total active user count.

What's the difference between project administrators and company administrators?

Both project and company administrators have the same toolkit of functionality. However, only company administrators have the full ability to customize any project configuration, mapping configuration and the list of other administrators. Project administrators can customize their own project configurations, add rules to mapping configurations and watch after projects they are assigned to.

Email alerts will be sent to any administrator that is assigned to the project. If no administrator is assigned, the email will be sent to company administrators.

Is there a way to see what my usage is? What if we go over?

Yes, you can view your usage in Guardian Backstage™, our dashboard reporting service. If you go over your subscription, the service will still function for all users. If the number of users continues to exceed the subscription for multiple consecutive months, we will reach out to let you know. We can true-up at any time for the remainder of the subscription term.

Are there other costs associated?

No, there are no other direct costs from Guardian. There is no requirement for on-premises server hardware or software. Guardian is extremely easy to get started with.

I need to convince my firm. Can you help with that?

We would be happy to help quantify the many opportunities Guardian offers. We have worked with firms from all over the world, of different sizes, and have a proven track record of getting leadership buy-in. This usually starts with quantifying all of the various user actions that you're currently trying to influence manually. By running a firmwide trial, you'll be able to clearly share with your leadership the realities of what you deal with.
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