New user role: Project Administrators

Protect an additional 75 commands.

Line Patterns added to Guardian Sync.

Auto-registration rules.



Mapping rules dialog

Family Mapping

Prevent unnecessary duplication of identical families.

Viewport Mapping


Protected Families

Mirror protection

Prevent copying of In-place families.

Additional insight for certain commands.


Workset Manager

Parameter Prompts

Shared Parameter Mapping

Delete Confirmation

Viewport Selection



Command Frequency Settings

User Overrides

One-time Passwords

Advanced Group Protections



Project Central: activity reporting and sessions within Revit.

Share multiple configurations across projects.

Project Registration Rules

Improved Pin Protections

Approved Content Sources


Sync with Central Traffic Control

Project Grouping

Pausing Guardian improvements

Protected Families and Mirror Protection rules.

Pin views in the project browser to prevent deletion.


guardian icon

Recent Releases

Guardian 3.1

September 12, 2023
The new Sync Traffic Control will allow customization of the Sync with Central reminders and monitoring of sync activity. Files can also now be grouped into Projects for better tracking and organization. Includes more exciting additions to settings and protections.

Guardian 3.0

January 13, 2023
An overhaul of the settings and protections applied to projects along with an advancement to the registration rules allows more customization on the desired user experience for different types of files.

Guardian 2.7

June 8, 2022
The new Guardian offers more flexibility and control over the protections and messages that are presented to the user.

Guardian 2.6

March 23, 2022
Our largest release to date!! You'll find a lot to enjoy in the workset manager, parameter prompts and more!

Guardian 2.5

July 10, 2021
Finally! This release brings several new protections. Protect your families from being overwritten, certain families from being mirrored and much more. You'll appreciate Guardian's new Family Mapping features, and much more in this latest release!

Guardian 2.4

April 7, 2021
Finally! No more duplication of your families when loading from other projects. You'll appreciate Guardian's new Family Mapping features, and much more in this latest release!

Guardian 2.3

October 17, 2020
Delegate the management of individual projects with this feature packed release! You'll find a lot to enjoy in our largest UI update to date.

Guardian 2.2

May 26, 2020
Guardian Sync™ is the future! Upload your standard properties and access them anywhere, in any version of Revit!
guardian graphic
September 12, 2023

Guardian 3.1

3.1 Release Notes

This new release brings you Project Grouping, Sync with Central Traffic Monitor, Guardian Pause for users, advancements to the Loading Families from non-approved sources, and new rule-based protections for Hide Elements in View, Mirror Protection, and Family Override Protection. Project Grouping will allow Revit files to be grouped into Projects which will help admins keep track of Projects and eventually see overall analytics. The Sync with Central Traffic Monitor gives admins the ability to monitor the sync activity of users for each file and set up sync reminders. Updates to many of the current protections have been made to allow for rule-based configurations to automatically protect families from being mirrored, overridden, or hidden in view. The Loading from approved sources has also been updated to allow for the user experience to be customized for many different loading locations and scenarios.

Project Grouping

The addition of Project Grouping in Guardian allows administrators to group Revit files into actual Projects. The new structuring will allow firms to more easily keep track of all files within a Project and also see overall Project analytics. Registered Revit models will be able to be grouped into existing Projects or into newly created ones. Once grouped, the models will be shown under the Project in a tree view.

Updates have also been made to the Projects dialog so that additional columns can be displayed using the menu above the grid. Each column can be sorted and filtered individually.

The Project Central and Sync Monitor can now also be accessed through the Projects dialog.

Sync with Central Traffic Monitor

The Sync with Central Traffic Monitor feature allows administrators to prevent sync conflicts and decrease downtime. This is done in two major ways: by allowing admins to keep track of user sync behavior and to create tailored sync reminders. This feature also has protections that can prevent users from trying to sync a file at the same time as another user.

Sync reminders can be customized with messages, incremental reminder intervals, and time out options. These reminders can also be setup to force users to sync after a certain amount of time or can even perform the sync itself if the user is away from their machine.

When users sync, they will see that Revit's sync dialog will be replaced by Guardians new sync dialog.

The sync monitor feature can be used by admins to view all of the active users within a project at the current time. It will also show data around their sync activity (or lack there of).

Pausing Guardian

The Guardian pause feature has been enhanced so that specific areas and features of Guardian can be temporarily suspended. In addition, an option to allow end-users to pause Guardian is also now available.

Within the pause menu, any of the selected features will be suspended when the pause button is enabled.

The additions to this feature can allow things like pop-ups to be disabled while other functions of Guardian are still functional.

When users apply the pause feature, it will automatically resume any suspended features after 1 hour or if the Revit session is ended.

Loading from Non-Approved Sources

With this release, advancements have been made to the loading families from non-approved sources feature. We have expanded on this to allow for customization of the user experience based on rules for different loading scenarios.

Rules can be created to customize the loading/scanning behavior for specific files or locations. For each of the rules, the scanning/processing experience can be set and admins have the option to apply a protection mode with a custom message. This protection mode and message will be unique to each rule.

Hide Elements in View

A new feature has been added to better apply protection against users hiding elements in view. We have seen that a blanket solution for this isn’t always the best approach so we have added a system of rules so that the protection can be customized based on any specific needs.

The conditions for the rules can either be specific to the elements themselves or the view in which the elements are being hidden.

Mirror Protection Rules

The Mirror Protection feature has been updated to allow for rules to be created to automatically protect certain elements from being mirrored. Specific families can still be protected by selecting them in the Mirror Protection dialog.

Family Override Protection Rules

The Family Override Protection feature has been updated to allow for rules to be created to automatically protect certain elements from being overridden. Specific families can still be protected by selecting them in the Family Protection dialog.

Guardian Sync: Project Parameters

You can now identify your standard project parameters with Guardian Sync™! You’ll also be able to keep parameters consistent across projects and access them in files where the parameter doesn’t exist yet.

As with all Guardian Sync™ properties, these maintain their relationships with other Sync™ properties. For example, if you upload a View Filter which uses a project parameter, that parameter will be uploaded as an independent property and these relationships are maintained and visible by scanning for usage. This will be increasingly important as we begin to support even more properties and types with Guardian Sync™

Other Notable Improvements and Fixes

  • Automatic registration rules can be applied when worksharing is enabled (for files not yet registered).
  • Pin Protection can be applied to Views, Legends, Sheets, and even Families in the Project Browser.
  • Users can apply pin protection to elements if enabled in the Pin Protection settings.
  • Protected and Monitored commands committed by admins can be tracked in Monitor mode (enabled in Company Settings).
  • Screenshot images in Project Central can be zoomed and panned.
  • Screenshot images in Project Central will automatically be opened when downloaded.
  • Missing links will be shown in Project Central: Projects at a Glance.
  • Support added for Revit 2024.
  • Added 'Fix All Remaining' button to all upload/download dialogs for Guardian Sync properties.
  • Normal users can now 'Fix Sync Relationships' for properties in projects. This will push from cloud to project only.
  • New User Command added: Save as Template.
  • When 'Fixing Sync Relationship' between project and cloud for Guardian Sync Properties, you can now compare the two versions and their differences.
  • Duct Insulation, Duct Linings, and Pipe Insulation will not be included in the Delete Notifications when deleting Duct or Pipe runs with Insulation (or Linings) applied.
  • Workset Manager: Only Allow rules will not be applied to elements that are set to workset of views; such as callouts.
  • Issue resolved concerning mapping properties of the same name but different casing.
  • Issue resolved with file registration rules using the filename condition not working for detached files.
  • Bug fixed where files were not registering automatically when no Mapping Configuration is applied in the registration rule.
  • Bug fixed where Room Separation lines and Area Boundary lines weren't being automatically assigned to worksets upon placement.
  • Error resolved when enabling worksharing and having default worksets replaced by ones that have the same name but different casing.
  • Resolved some issues with mapping Shared Parameters.
guardian graphic
January 13, 2023

Guardian 3.0

3.0 Release Notes

This new release offers a more insightful look into model health with the introduction of Project Central. This release also introduces Project Configurations, which will allow administrators to create sets of settings and protections, previously found in Company Settings, which can be maintained and applied across different projects. Major updates to the project settings and registration rules allow further customization on the user experience for different types of files.

New Project Central!

Project Central

Project Central is a live dashboard within Revit providing real-time activity and health data of each model. It shows recent user activity, Revit warnings, time to sync and file size over time, as well as actionable items that may require the attention of a Project Administrator (such as critical User Commands and Revit Warnings).

There are different section that provide useful information to Project Administrators.

  • Project at a Glance - This section is related to model health and shows different instances that may require the attention of a Project Admin. These include any mirrored instances, groups with non-unique names (Group 1) or limited usage, protected elements that have been unpinned, duplicate families, in-place families, and more.
  • Users at a Glance - Details on any user or administrators who have been active in the open project. This table will show the number of properties added/modified/deleted, monitored command usage, Revit warnings, and the version of Guardian and Revit that is used.
  • Timeline - timeline graphs are provided to understand different metrics over time. These graphs include time to open, sync times, Revit warnings, project session duration, and file size.
  • Activity Feed - This section is a real time look at all monitored activity within the active model. Any monitored commands, transactions, Revit warnings, and syncs to the cloud will appear here.

Project Configurations

Project Configurations dialog

Project Configurations allow for the creation of Project Configuration 'templates' to accommodate Guardian's use on different project types or disciplines. The introduction of Project Configurations adds additional depth to how settings are applied to Projects. Most company Settings have now been moved to Project Configurations and are now controlled within templates. These different configurations of settings can be applied across different projects and still be maintained globally. Project Registration, the company profile settings, Backstage, and administrator settings will still be set in Company Settings along with a few protections that are more tied to general settings such as opening new or central files.

Project Registration Rules

Project Registration Rules dialog

Changes have been made to the Project Registration Rules to allow for further customization in the files that become registered and which settings are applied. Multiple rules can be created for different type of projects and scenarios. For each rule, there are a number of conditions that can be used to meet any needs, these include filename, file location, if it is a cloud model, project units, project information parameters, Revit version, user domain name, username, and user role. These conditions can be combined in AND and OR sets. Within the rules, the default project configuration, mapping configuration, workset set, and applied administrators can be assigned. An option is also included to make the rule register files automatically or to just apply the selected configurations when a file that matches the rule is registered manually.

When registering manually, administrators will be prompted to input the desired Project Configuration, Mapping Configuration, Workset Set, and applied administrators.

Manual Registration dialog

Protected Pins

Protected Pins dialog

The Protected Pins has been modified to allow for more customization on the protection for each pinned element. The default protection mode for pinned elements can be set in the Project Configurations but can also be modified for each element upon pinning. Within the Protected Pins dialog, the protection mode and message can be edited for each element. If a protected element in unpinned by an end-user, then the protection will still be tied to that element. The protection can be reset by either re-pinning the element (by either and end-user or administrator) or by selecting the Pinned checkbox for that element in the Protected Pins dialog.

Opening Files from Non-Approved Sources

Approved File Location rules dialogs

This new feature will help to prevent end-users from opening/accessing files from non-approved locations. Administrators will be able to create specific rules to specify approved locations. These rules can be used to specify a specific approve location or to prohibit the use of other locations (such as the Desktop or Downloads folder).

Copy and Array Protection

Copy/Array Protection category selection

Advancements have been made to the Copy/Array Protection so that specific categories can be selected for the protection to be applied. For each selected category, the specified protection mode will be applied when end-users attempt to copy or array those elements.

Sync Properties

Project: Line Styles dialog
Project: System Family Types
Project: View Filters

Line Styles, System Family Types, and View Filters are new additions to the properties that are supported with Guardian Sync. Each of these properties can be uploaded to the cloud to be downloaded by end-users as needed.

New Monitored Commands and Protections

There are several new protections and User Commands that are included in this release. Some of these new protections/commands are more general and can be found in Company Settings while the others are located in Project Configurations.

In Custom Interactions, there are the following new protections:

Project Configurations
  • Enable Warning Tracking - Specific Revit warnings can be enabled for tracking. Any tracked warnings will show in the Project Central activity feed. Email notifications can also be enabled.
  • When renaming levels, don't prompt for renaming corresponding views - This feature will suppress the native Revit warning to rename corresponding views when levels are renamed.
  • When renaming views, don't prompt for renaming corresponding levels and views - This feature will suppress the native Revit warning to renaming corresponding levels and views when views are renamed.
Company Settings
  • Customize behaviors when upgrading files upon opening - monitor, guide or prevent the upgrading of files through opening them in later version of Revit.
  • Customize behaviors when opening a central file - monitor, guide or prevent end-users when attempting to open central files.
  • Customize behaviors when saving or syncing over an earlier version of a file - monitor, guide or prevent end-users from saving or syncing over earlier Revit versions of the active file.
  • Customize behaviors when opening files from non-approved sources - monitor, guide or prevent end-users from opening files from non-approved locations.

In User Commands, there are the following new monitored commands:

Project Configurations
  • Command: Filled Region
  • Command: Save as Family
  • Collaborate: Publish Settings
Company Settings
  • Command: New Family File
  • Command: New Project

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • When changing the applied mapping configuration, a dialog will prompt to ask if the selected configuration should be applied.
  • New categories for workset rules: Lines <Area boundary>, Lines <Room separation lines>, Lines <Space separation lines>, and Matchline.
  • All existing workset shown in Workset Manager regardless if the set is assigned or not.
  • Users can now assign Workset Sets to projects.
  • Users can now run workset rules manually.
  • Cancel button removed from Select Active Workset dialog.
  • Workset Set assignment is remembered even if the name of the Set is changed.
  • Scope Boxes and Shaft Openings are added to the list of elements to prevent from being grouped.
  • Groups and Imported CAD can now be scanned for usage in Project Properties.
  • Closed worksets can be selected in Select Active Workset dialog.
  • Structural Usage parameter added to System Family Parameters for Wall category in Parameter Prompts.
  • When editing Guide/Prevent messages, a preview of the dialog shown to end-users can be seen.
  • Bug fixed when creating a group within an edit mode such as In-place families.
  • Bug fixed when reloading families after making changes.
  • Various issues resolved regarding mapping/merging of properties.
  • Bug fixed where viewport types were changing after certain mappings were processed.
  • Bug fixed where elevations were deleted after scanning certain property types.
  • Preventing Revit from crashing when encountering a server error.
  • Bug fixed where parameter prompt was appearing when opening a type preview.
  • Resolved some issues regarding the automatic workset assignment.
  • Improvements made to help prevent dialogs from disappearing off-screen.
  • Workset rules can now better utilize the Service Type parameter for Fabrication Parts.
guardian graphic
June 8, 2022

Guardian 2.7

2.7 Release Notes

These updates will help to provide a more focused approach on the Guide messages to ensure they are seen by the users that need them the most while not getting in the way of those who don’t. Changes were also made to the UI and some settings to make the workflow around project registration and settings easier. Come see for yourself!

New Frequency Settings!

Command Frequency Settings

The Command Frequency feature will allow admins and users to set their desired frequency at which the Guide or Prevent dialogs pop up for specified commands. This will be especially helpful for high-frequency commands, such as ‘Hide elements in view’; allowing admins to more gently remind users occasionally, rather than every time.

Allowing the users to choose their own command frequency can greatly improve the end-user experience as they will feel more in control of their own learning progress for certain commands.

User Overrides

The user overrides feature not only gives your users the freedom to specify their desired frequency setting but also allows the admins to overwrite those changes. Administrators can view all user overrides for all commands in the ‘User Overrides’ dialog. Administrators can change these preferences, essentially customizing the approach on a per-user basis based on skill level, etc.

One-time Passwords

Commands can be set to Prevent which helps to keep certain commands from being utilized. However, when some of those commands are necessary it can be problematic to share the company or project password that can be used to bypass any commands set to Prevent. The One Time Password allows admins to generate a temporary password to allow a user one-time use of a prevented action.

Advanced Group Protection

This feature is an additional asset to the ‘Command: Create Group’ protection within ‘User Commands’. This expands on protecting groups by specifying certain elements that are to be prohibited from being placed in groups.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Added new rule condition types in the workset manager: Filename, Family name, Family Type.
  • Added new ability to choose which worksets get written into projects when worksharing is enabled.
  • Added a new button to the ribbon for registering projects and accessing project settings.
  • Added Command: Export to CAD formats
  • Added Command: Save as project
  • Added Command: Import Image
  • Added Command: Import PDF
  • Added Revit 2023 support

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic
March 23, 2022

Guardian 2.6

2.6 Release Notes

Our largest release to date brings you many new bold capabilities! Check it out:

New Workset Manager!

Workset Manager

The Workset Manager is a BIM manager’s dream! The Workset Manager addresses two distinct limitations of Worksets; Consistent creation & naming of Worksets and the assignment of placed elements onto the correct Worksets.

  • You can now create Workset “Sets” for your users to pick from as they enable worksharing or after the fact.
  • To address assignment of elements onto the correct Workset, you can create rules-based automation for elements to be assigned to your pre-defined Worksets!

You can also "Set Active Workset" to prompt users to select the active Workset when projects are opened!

Parameter Prompts

When an element is placed, most users do not populate the necessary instance parameter data. Teams can lose an extensive amount of time having to go back after the fact to populate these instance parameters data. The new Parameter Prompt tool will help you to drastically reduce that time by prompting users to fill in values for pre-specified instance parameters at the moment of placement. This tool can be used to specify project parameters, built-in parameters, and family parameters. This gives a lot of flexibility to make this tool work for you! In addition, the parameters to be prompted can be further customized at the project level.

Shared Parameter Mapping

It’s quite common for Shared Parameters from various sources to show up in your project models, preventing your project schedules from being populated with the correct data. Guardian addresses this issue by now allowing you to map these Shared Parameters to those already in your project. Even when the Shared Parameter is embedded into a formula or has a formula assigned, Guardian will make all the necessary updates to keep the formulas intact.

Delete Confirmation

When users delete individual modeled elements, they are usually unaware of the dependent elements that will also be deleted in the process. In addition, users have been conditioned to ignore Revit warnings altogether. Guardian’s Delete Confirmation will not only show all the dependent elements that will be deleted but will allow users to ‘Show in Project’ these elements before continuing the delete command. This helps to ensure users are fully aware of everything being deleted prior to completing the delete command. Before and after screen shots will be provided via email to the Project Administrator and within Guardian Backstage.

Viewport Selection

Controlling viewport types is difficult at best. With viewport selection you can now pre-assign your firm’s viewport types to specific view types. When views are placed on sheets, the correct viewport type is automatically applied. The viewport assignment can be further customized at the project level.

Approved Content Sources

You may have curated the perfect content library for your firm, but you cannot prevent your users from going into their own stash and using their favorite families. Using self-created rules, you customize how Guardian handles incoming content from approved and non-approved sources. Guardian will caution, even prevent, users when trying to import content from any non-approved sources. You can even suppress Guardian from processing families all together if users place content from your firm’s approved libraries!

Rich Text Formatting

Rich text formatting was added to all message sections for Guardian Guide/Prevent and protection prompts

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

Added commands:

  • Command: Wall Opening
  • Command: Drag Elements on Selection
  • Insert: Get Autodesk Content
  • Insert: Insert 2D Elements from File
  • Insert: Insert Views from File
  • Insert: Load as Group
  • Insert: Load Autodesk Family
  • Insert: Load Family

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

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July 10, 2021

Guardian 2.5

2.5 Release Notes

It's been less than 3 months since our last release, version 2.4, where we added Family Mapping to your Revit experience. Since then, Guardian has automatically prevented thousands of duplicate families for our customers. We are delighted to continue this tradition of automating the mundane and preventing the risky with this latest release. In version 2.5, you'll find several new features that are completely unique and new to our industry. Check it out below!

Protected families

Users will often make unwanted modifications to families in projects. Sometimes, this is done by loading families from a library that have changed significantly from what’s already in the project. To overwrite them at a later stage of the project could mean unintended problems. More often, however, users experience project needs for families and attempt to make quick edits.

For any loadable family in your projects, you can now protect them from being overwritten. Users will see a Guardian dialog at the time of loading the families you’ve chosen to protect. This can be an excellent way to understand the nature of changes users are trying to make or prevent changes to your standard. Some might be great additions to the family that should be saved back to the library.

Mirror protections

Some families shouldn’t be mirrored! Either they represent actual products that are not available in a mirrored orientation or they shouldn’t be mirrored due to your standard (annotations) or specific functionality (fittings).

In some cases, mirroring a family that shouldn’t can result in extra costs when it comes to construction. Guardian now allows you to select families that shouldn’t be mirrored. When users attempt to mirror a selection that contains a protected family, they will receive an alert cautioning them. You have full control over the appearance of that dialog, as with other commands.

Prevent copying of in-place families

Guardian already allows you to caution users when they create in-place families. Now, you can simply enable this new feature to caution users when they are copying in-place family instances. When these are copied, Revit duplicates the family for each new instance which can quickly cause larger file sizes. When you have enabled the feature, the prompts will appear and you’ll receive extra information about the action.

Project-browser prompts when renaming

Guardian already has a very powerful mapping and rules engine that allows you to control your ever-evolving naming conventions. Those rules are applied either at the time non-standard properties enter projects or retroactively by admins in the Project Properties dialog.

This feature adds a logical step to your normal renaming workflows, which typically occur right from within the Revit project browser or the Type Properties dialog. As you rename families, family types and system family types, Guardian will simply ask if you want to remember that as a rule.

Additional insights for certain commands

Guardian allows administrators to customize different ‘modes’ of experience for 84 different Revit commands. These modes include Monitor, Guide and Prevent. Until now, we’ve been providing insight to each command such as who performed it, in which project, when and what their comment was (if set to Guide or Prevent)

Now, Guardian will be tracking additional information for a variety of different commands, allowing you to drill down into those actions that warrant extra investigation or ‘rolling it back’. This extra information includes elements selected before/after, active view info, etc., for the following commands (and many more)!

  • Model In-Place
  • Import CAD
  • Create Group
  • Hide elements in view
  • Linework overrides
  • Unpinning elements
  • Etc..

Other notable improvements & fixes

  1. Revit 2022 support
  2. Support for a new property type! Load Classifications can now be mapped, renamed, and usage scanned - all with our innovative rules engine.
  3. New home for all the fun, custom features we add. You'll love the new look of the 'Custom Interactions' tab in company/project settings.
  4. Added the scanning options to the right-click menu.
  5. New protection: Wall attach/detach buttons
  6. New protection: Edit profile
  7. New protection: Link (reload, reload from, unload, unload for all users, open and unload)
  8. New protection: Print

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

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April 7, 2021

Guardian 2.4

2.4 Release Notes

Our version 2.X releases have each addressed a challenging aspect of standardization in Autodesk Revit® and 2.4 is no different.

In another industry first, Guardian now prevents the duplication of families when loaded from other projects! We're excited to bring Family Mapping to your Revit experience, along with many other great features and improvements. Check it out! 

You can now use the familiar tools in Guardian to safely remove, rename and map your families. As with other properties, Guardian's powerful rules engine also automates these decisions across your firm for more consistent, leaner projects.

In fact, Guardian can now even prevent the unnecessary duplication of identical families when they are added to your projects AT SCALE.

New Family Mappings

Any time you need to swap families, you can now use Guardian. The most common cause for this is when Revit duplicates families when they are brought from another project. For example, BreakLine.rfa will become BreakLine1.rfa because Revit thinks they are different. The theories as to Revit's logic in determining 'different' are many, but it continues to be a pain point because the families usually aren't different or they have very minor differences and combining them is very tedious.

Guardian addresses these needs in both an automated way and a manual way. Check it out!

Mapping Rules Dialog

Our customers love having Guardian automate their standards enforcement. We believe that it is healthy to always be improving the naming conventions in your standard and we are here to help make sure that those changes apply when old properties are added to your projects or families. To make this even easier, the Mapping Rules dialog has been an area of focus for us in this release. You'll appreciate a better display of information and ability to search, sort, copy-paste and even merge entire Mapping Configurations.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • We added a tooltip that will now appear when hovering over any mapping rules that are applied. This will provide needed transparency in multi-user environments.
  • We added alerts to indicate when problematic usages exist. There are some situations where Guardian does not have API access to make a change, such as instances used in groups or checked out elements. Now, these will be shown with an alert symbol. When processing, only these usages will be skipped and the property will remain.
  • We added options when choosing to ‘Reset Default’ settings on project settings. Now, you will be able to remove all overrides (Project settings will stay synchronized with the Company settings) or simply refresh/copy the current state of the Company Settings.
  • Viewport types will now ALL properly map, overcoming a well-known limitation within Revit where it will not purge unused viewport types.

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic
October 17, 2020

Guardian 2.3

2.3 Release Notes

Our largest release to date brings you the following:

Project Administrators

Add your project admins to Guardian; allowing greater flexibility, controls and notifications on individual projects.

We've added a new project administrator role that allows you to delegate individual projects to your project teams. These administrators handle the project related controls and oversight while company administrators manage the company defaults and identify training opportunities. All administrators can now be managed through the 'Administrators' tab.

We've also added new capabilities that allow you to customize an individual projects settings to allow more flexibility for larger companies. Administrators can be assigned to individual projects through the new settings dialog.

8x More Commands

Customize many more commands in your projects, including Hide Elements in View, Project Parameters, etc.

Guardian's ability to guide, in some cases prevent, the use of certain commands has been very popular. This release takes it much further by adding 74 additional commands that can be customized. The interface has been adjusted significantly to accommodate the additional commands.

Line Patterns

Line Patterns can now be identified as 'standard' and remain across your projects of any Revit version

In the last version, users got a taste for what Guardian  is all about with our support for Fill Patterns! This release brings Line Patterns into the mix - offering a new way to identify your standard line patterns.

UI Overhaul

Significant effort has gone into our largest UI overhaul to date. Project Properties opens ~5x faster & new columns show more usage and duplicate information.

Many underlying improvements make working with the Project Properties, and Incoming Properties dialogs much more powerful, intuitive and responsive. We've added columns to better compare information about each property type including usage and duplicate counts! These counts will appear dynamically as properties are scanned.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Administrators may now duplicate mapping configurations.
  • The currently applied mapping configuration is now shown in the title bar of the Incoming Properties and Project Properties dialogs.
  • We've added several new filter options.
  • Improving the performance of all dialogs and scanning has been a focus in this release.

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic
May 26, 2020

Guardian 2.2

2.2 Release Notes

For those who have followed Guardian since the beginning, there's a real sense that we're building something very unique. We often hear "I can see where you're going with this!". We couldn't be more excited about our vision for the future and this release represents an important part of that vision. We'll take a second to remind you of our major features:

Version 1:

  • Clean properties as they enter projects.
  • Save families back to library properties are cleaned
  • Cloud rules store your decisions and enforce those across your firm
  • Naturally understands and prevents duplicate properties
  • Connect projects together with common rule sets
  • Guide users through potentially risky commands like 'Explode CAD'

Version 2 already has:

  • Deep clean existing projects with cloud rules
  • Activity history shows all Added, Modified and Deleted properties
  • Protect key elements from moving or getting deleted
  • Notification system alerts administrators and sends weekly reports
  • Guardian Backstage allows deep insights into your standard and user behaviors

We'd invite you to review what we've added to this newest release and see if you, too, can see where we're going! The time to join us is NOW if you want to be a part of shaping Guardian!

Guardian Sync™

Guardian Sync™ is a new service that allows you to store and access your standard properties in the Cloud. This allows you to TRULY keep those properties synchronized across your projects in a natural way that you control. This release is laying the foundation for the entire system.

  • Sync™, properties are Revit version free. No more upgrading or duplicating for each release.
  • Sync™, properties are lightweight and can update in your projects very fast.
  • When you tell one Sync™ property to merge to another, that becomes a rule.

Today, you can try out Guardian Sync™ with our first supported property type: Fill Patterns (described below). We look forward to continued feedback.

This shows differences found between project & cloud

An example workflow is as follows:

Open your template and upload your Fill Patterns. In the process, Guardian marks those as 'Keep Synchronized'. Projects that are created from the template will also maintain a connection to the cloud source. Guardian will notify administrators if there is a property that no longer matches the Sync property in the cloud.

Fill Pattern Browser

We're excited to announce that you can now upload ALL of your fill patterns into the Guardian Sync™ service. Typically, maintaining a library of patterns has been challenging for firms as patterns are naturally confined to individual projects. Strategies have varied but it usually involves a time-consuming process of importing pattern .pat files or 'Transfer Project Standards' from another project.

With Guardian, administrators can instantly upload patterns and those are immediately available to your users. Your users will appreciate that they no longer have to open up 'container projects', transfer project standards and hope they didn't bring in dozens of unwanted patterns.

Access ALL of your fill patterns in one place

There are some other interesting capabilities included:

  • When uploading patterns, you choose 'Metric', 'Imperial', or 'Generic'. Guardian automatically filters incompatible patterns based on each projects Units.
  • By default, users will only see those patterns that are not already in the project.

New Auto-Registration Rules

One of our most common requests was to allow normal users to register projects. We're now allowing you to choose whether auto-registration applies when users open or create projects. We also took things a step further and gave you the ability to apply rules for auto-registration based on location and filename.

Choose to auto-register projects when USERS open/create them

If you do NOT want detached models registered, you can now control that. Similarly, if you only want BIM 360 projects registered, you can control that with the location filter.

Other Notable Improvements & Fixes

  • Activity history on 'Project Properties' now pulls in items dynamically for faster loading performance.
  • In rare cases, the first dialog that appears after loading content would appear blank. This has been fixed.
  • Anywhere Fill Patterns are shown, we now show a preview image.
  • The scanning process after clicking 'Review Changes' was occasionally getting held up. This has been fixed. Performance continues to be an area we focus on.
  • Scanning of View Templates for usage is now stable.
  • Revit 2021 Support

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic
December 15, 2019

Guardian 2.1

2.1 Release Notes

Last August, we announced a set of bold new features as part of our 2.0 release. We added a notification system, ability to clean entire projects, weekly reports, pinning protection, and much more. Now, leading firms are using Guardian as their silent partner; always there, everywhere, to guide users into healthy activity and automate their standards.

We're building upon those features in a big way with this release. Check it out!

Guardian Backstage™

Go Backstage and access virtually all data that Guardian stores for your company.

Here are a few examples of how you can use this data:

  • See where ALL content is loaded from, including desktop and download folders.
  • Learn how often users are seeing and closing the Guardian command warnings.
  • Set up your own alerts when key standard properties are modified, like view templates, dimension styles or filters.

There are many uses for this data and it is completely YOURS to use. There is no additional cost for this service and we are very excited to learn how our customers use it. Many are excited to implement this data into their training programs.

You may use the data in your own dashboard system, utilize our template or consult with our team to create your own dashboard.

Settings allow direct access to your data!

New Mapping Behaviors

Our users have loved the simple way that Guardian creates and manages their mapping rules. These rules work seamlessly behind-the-scenes, removing properties or converting properties to your standard.

We've added some new abilities to make this even easier and more powerful, especially for larger teams.

  • Administrators will now see a prompt whether a decision should be remembered or performed 'this time only'.
  • Administrators can now allow properties to be allowed in their current form, even if a rule already exists.
  • New in-session menu options allow administrators to reset mappings and remove all mappings (without affecting saved rules)
Additions to mapping controls

Revision History for Mappings

You can now view an entire revision history for your rules. This is especially important for larger teams that have many administrators adding and modifying rules.

We've also added the ability to restore a rule back to a previous state, which creates a new revision.

View and control each rule's revision history

Other Key Improvements

  • Hyperlinks are now supported in the command warning dialog. You may now provide links to your training documentation for specific actions, like model-in-place, at the perfect time: when users are trying to do those actions.
  • Group Creation has been added to the list of commands that you can customize. There are many best-practices related to groups in Revit. Now you can make sure your users follow them!
  • The activity feed (on Project Properties) now loads dynamically. The more you scroll, the more it will load.
  • Improvements to the logic for exporting and saving families. Now, it is only truly those families that experienced a change that will be saved.
  • Massive performance improvements in processing properties in 'Project Properties'.
Hyperlinks allow contextual training "in the moment"

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic
July 29, 2019

Guardian 2.0

2.0 Release Notes

The team at Guardian has been working hard to bring you this massive update! Today, we are bringing you an even more powerful Revit project assistant! Check out the new features under each of the following themes. Note: this list is not comprehensive - over 350 tasks were completed in this release!

Your automated Revit project assistant:

  • Branded warning dialogues and custom comment fields
  • Increased project protection for Revit levels, grids and links

Ensure consistency in your BIM deliverables

  • Complete project cleaning & property cleansing for existing projects
  • New activity feed shows all added, deleted and modified properties in your project

You need 24//7 Total Projection

  • More robust admin tracking and instant email notifications
  • Updated for Revit 2020 and other performance improvements

We are eager to begin working with you as you work to improve your processes. Please fill out the form at the following link to learn more about this release:

guardian graphic

Guardian V1.4.1

1.4.1 Release Notes

At iconicBIM, we are committed to making your experience with Guardian absolutely rock-solid. This minor release is mostly a round of bug fixes - particularly to support (on a deeper level) many 3rd party content management systems, such as Avail and UNIFI. However, we couldn't resist adding some new features. Take a look!

Administrators can now pause Guardian from processing incoming properties, prompts and automatic registering of projects.

New features:

  • The ability to pause / resume Guardian from processing new/incoming properties and automatically registering on new projects.
  • Administrators can now add a "wild-card" variable to monitored transactions. When other tools, like UNIFI, have transactions that contain the names of system family types or views, Guardian can now process those too.
  • We added options that allow you to automatically register Guardian on your family files.
  • You can now choose the project types to automatically register Guardian on. Many firms need to register Guardian on "work shared enabled" projects only. These new options allow your project list to be clean from projects that were just testing environments or temporary files.
  • Added additional smarts to the underlying engine to make processing of properties more complete and efficient.

Oh, and you should notice Guardian working even a little faster in general. Your experience with Guardian is very important to us and we hope you appreciate the fine-tuning effects we've added here.

guardian graphic

Guardian 1.4

1.4 Release Notes

We believe that the best software is easy to use but the hardest to create.  This release is a perfect example of that.  Guardian’s new Suggestions Framework uses behind-the-scenes data to make logical suggestions for certain actions.  In your quest for effective and enforced standards at your firm, we invite you to consider the substantial effect these new features will have on your processes!

Guardian making a mapping suggestion for a duplicate text type.

Ability to detect duplicate properties

If you have duplicate properties in your Revit projects, how would you know it?  Properties that are the same but have different names can cause confusion with users.  Guardian now automatically detects if the following properties are duplicates:

  • Family types
  • System family types (yes, all of them: Arrowhead styles, text, dimensions, wall types, etc.)
  • Line patterns
  • Fill patterns (yes, even complicated custom patterns)
  • Materials
  • View Templates
  • View Filters
  • … and more

This is all especially compelling because once a duplicate is identified, Guardian can use (at your direction) its robust ability to merge properties together.  It does this by seeking out all places the properties are applied (yes, even inside of family structures, regions, etc.) and changing out the values before removing unnecessary duplicates.  This powerful ability is manifest through the new Suggestions Framework and proactive prompts to your users.

New Suggestions Framework

Users of Guardian are already thrilled with the ability to see all incoming property types and map those together with existing properties(automatically remember those actions too!). We also know that the content we bring into our projects can bring MANY properties with them.  To help you make effective decisions, we’ve added Suggestions to the incoming properties dialog box:

Guardian will then present a series of dialogs to step through, each one providing valuable insight into the ‘DNA’ of the properties.

After exploding CAD, a matching text style is found for the new text style.

Besides properties being duplicates of each other, you will see other forms of suggestions appear here also.  We think you’ll REALLY appreciate the additional insight this provides.  We’ll be developing more suggestions as we go.

User prompts when duplicates are made or modified

Company admins will now see the following setting appear in Settings:

(Defaults to off. Enabling it for your users is optional)

When turned on, Guardian will then provide prompts when new properties are created that are duplicates.  Here’s an example of what they’ll see:

This feature is not just for NEW properties, but also modifications to existing ones as well.

Other features and improvements

There are many subtle improvements we made to Guardian.  This is an important release in terms of stability, performance and infrastructure.  These improvements include:

  • Patterns are now separated by Model and Drafting types.
  • The size and location of all re-sizable dialogs will now be remembered in your Revit session.
  • Additional insight to mapping behavior is available by clicking “Show More”.
  • When you are mapping properties, sometimes conflicts can exist in existing rules that you’ve set.  We’ve overhauled the dialog that you see in these cases to be more simple and informative.
  • Double clicking on list items will open the mapping dialog.
  • Improvements were made to the logic of registering projects.  Now, multiple companies can register Guardian on the same projects.
  • Our cloud services now have robust error logging.  We’ll now have valuable insight when errors arise and how to fix them.
  • Guardian is now smarter with an improved ‘knowledgebase’ of where properties can be stored.
  • Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

We hope you like this release!  It’s sure to be a very exciting year for Guardian.  We invite you to jump aboard this thrilling journey with us!

guardian graphic

Guardian 1.3

1.3 Release Notes

Just three weeks ago (v1.2), we introduced new features that connect your projects together using cloud-driven rules. Now, we invite you to consider what the following new features can add to your firm's workflows. Check it out!

Adding new transactions to monitor

Control your user's experience with Guardian

You can now control what activities are monitored, such as 'Loading Family', Copy-Pasting and even actions from other 3rd party add-ins.

For each activity, you can choose between 2 new user experiences:

  • Silent mode (Users see no popup dialogs. Guardian will still process using any applicable stored rules.)
  • Allow users to map incoming properties without creating new rules.

Restrict or provide warnings to your users

Some users unknowingly wreak havoc.  You can now choose to restrict (with Admin password override) or provide a custom message when users:

  • Import or Explode CAD instances
  • Transfer Project Standards
  • Purge Unused elements
  • Model In-place families
  • ..and more!

Here's an example of what they'll see:

Password allows Administrators to bypass the warning

Other under-the-hood improvements

We tighten some nuts-and-bolts with every release.  In 1.3.0 you'll notice improved performance when loading content into projects and opening various dialogs, thanks to our new caching system for the cloud stored data.  We also added to the processing logic used when encountering properties.  Enjoy!

guardian graphic

Guardian 1.2

1.2 Release Notes

Guardian is on the MOVE with this large release! Guardian is your solution for maintaining clean, consistent projects. This is done through cloud based rules, automatically enforced, that span Revit versions. Fill out the form on the Guardian page if you would like a demo.

Connect your projects in the cloud!

Guardian is now your solution to enforce standards and rules across all of your projects. In this release, we've changed the way projects were assigned rule sets - and made it much more transparent. We think you'll enjoy having a place inside Revit where you can see all of your current projects AND enforce your standard on them however you see fit!

Specific features include:

  • Your projects can be easily viewed in one place
  • Batch manage the applied Mapping Configuration applied to your projects.
  • Search, archive and unregister projects.  
  • See who registered projects and when.

Easily manage mapping rules

This version makes the management of stored rules a breeze! Not only is the interface much more transparent, but actions can be performed in batch also. Here's what the new interface allows:

  • See company Mapping Configurations in one place, including who created them and when.
  • See how many projects each mapping configuration is using.
  • Edit existing mappings easily. In batch, too!
  • Create new mapping rules manually.
  • Mappings are fully transparent, allowing you to see who created them and when.

New company settings

You can now control the following from a company level: (More settings will be added here shortly)

  • Company administrators choose how to automatically register Guardian on new and existing projects.
  • When automatically registering, choose which Mapping Configurations get applied by default.

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