Guardian’s Backstage™ is your data! The Guardian provided Microsoft Power BI dashboards deliver insights of the effectiveness of Guardian at protecting your firm’s standards and your project’s models.

Guardian’s Backstage™

Guardian, along with Revit, produces a tremendous amount of data for you toget the fullest picture possible of what’s happening inside your project models. Guardian’s Backstage™ many Power BI dashboards have been setup to decipher this data so you can quickly glean the insights you need for better decision making and BIM Management.

Guardian Backstage


Without realizing it, Guardian is a workhorse. The main Power BI dashboard demonstrates how much work Guardian performs, even in theset-it & forget-it deployments. This dashboard shows how many registered models, the total number of Project Properties mapped to your firm’s standards, how many User Commands have prevented potential mistakes, and much more.

Guardian Backstage

Activity by Project

This Power BI dashboard keeps track of the general activity within each project model. Specific project models can be filtered to see the properties that have been added, modified, and deleted. The families that have been loaded into each project model are also be monitored here. This helps to determine if end-users are loading families from non-approved locations.

Guardian Backstage

Commands Completed with Details

this Power BI dashboard keeps track of all monitored User Commands. Additional details for each command used is also available: the active view and any elements that have been added, modified, or deleted. For certain commands, before and after screenshots are also available to shed further light onto the user’s activity.

Guardian Backstage

Guardian Installs

Keeping any design application up to date on user’s machines is difficult even for the best of us, regardless the size of the firm. The installations dashboard helps to keep track of your users and make sure that they have the most up-to-date version of Guardian installed on their machine’s, helping to ensure they take advantage of latest features and protections Guardian has to offer.

Guardian Backstage


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